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Step 2: Install the WWDR Intermediate Certificate

The first thing we will need to do is download the WWDR Intermediate Certificate. Once in the portal, click on “Certificate” in the sidebar and you will be presented with a link to download the “WWDR Intermediate Certificate.”

Download the file and double-click to add it into the Keychain Access program on Mac OS.

Step 3: Create a Development Certificate

Next, we will need to download a certificate for development. To get the development certificate, we will need to generate a “Certificate Signing Request” from within Keychain Access.

Open the Keychain Access program on your mac. It can be found under Applications > Utilities > Keychain Access, or just by searching for “Keychain Access” with Spotlight.

Once open, go into the “Keychain Access” drop-down menu in your menubar and select “Certificate Assistant” and then “Request Certificate from A Certificate Authority.”

A window will popup. Fill the window in with your information, but leave “CA Email Address” blank, and select “Save To Disk” from the radio buttons. Save it to a location that is easy to find, like your desktop, because you will need the file shortly to generate the certificate.

Head back into the “Certificate” section of the Provisioning Portal and make sure you have selected the “Development” tab. From there, press “New Certificate” and upload the request you made on your desktop. You may need to refresh the page in a few moments to change the status from “Pending” to available for download. If you are working as a team member on a larger project, you may need your manager to approve the certificate request.

Hopefully all went well, and you were able to create a certificate. Go ahead and download the certificate, then install it by double clicking the file or, if Keychain Access is open, drag the file over the Keychain Access icon in the dock.

Step 4: Create an App ID

Next we need an App ID. Return to the Provisioning Portal and select the “App IDs” option from the menu on the left.

There are two distinct App ID types to choose from.

Install Apps On iPhone: iPhone App COM Name Apps on iPhone Get App UDID iPhone Bundle Identifier in PLIST

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