Mobile application development tutorial for Beginners

Click on the Visual Studio 2010 item to open up the development environment. If this is your first time opening the application, it may take a few minutes to start as Visual Studio will initialize some settings for you.

Creating Your Project

When you open Visual Studio, you’ll be greeted with the application’s start page. There is a lot of content on this page, including development tips, recent news, and project related actions. It is sometimes helpful to browse the content here to learn more about the platform, but for now just click on the “New Project…” link in the left sidebar.

A dialog box will pop up that guides you through creating your new project. Make sure the “Windows Phone Application” item is selected as your project template. Then, give your project a name. For this tutorial, I recommend calling your project “Rotating_Button.” Finally, confirm that the “Create directory for solution” checkbox is selected. This helps to organize your development efforts. Your settings should match mine:

Click “OK” to create your new project.

Navigating the UI Editor

Searching for Visual Studio 2010 Windows Phone 7 DevelopmentThe template that you’ve selected provides you with a completely working application. To see it in action, simply press CTRL+F5 to compile the application and launch it in the Windows Phone Emulator. The emulator launches with a single page containing an application title and a page title.

That default UI just won’t do for our application, so let’s make some modifications. Visual Studio should have opened the file MainPage.xaml for editing when you created the project. If not, double click the file’s name in the Solution Explorer to open it.

After completing the application's UI Windows Phone 7 DevelopmentYou should see a split screen view. On one side of the development environment you can see how the current file will look when your application is run. This is design mode. On the other side you have the XAML markup that declares how your interface should look. Any changes you make on one side will be represented on the other. This is similar to a WYSIWYG HTML editor like Dreamweaver.

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