Mobile application development tutorial

Gg680270.8959a3a6-2a3a-4265-a25c-489af2b57ac2(en-us,PandP.11).pngThis documentation and accompanying sample application will get you started building a complete application that targets Windows Phone OS 7.1. You will learn the basics of Silverlight and Windows Phone development by creating a simple fuel-tracking application for your car.

Some of the tasks that you will learn include the following:

Fuel Tracker Sample Application

This documentation includes a companion sample application named Fuel Tracker. Fuel Tracker is a complete application written in Silverlight for Windows Phone OS 7.1. Fuel Tracker enables a user to track the fuel consumption of his or her car. You can download the code for Fuel Tracker at the following link:


Gg680270.22d9b7c7-9014-43a1-8d10-cc07f58c6be6(en-us,PandP.11).pngThis documentation and accompanying sample application are best suited for developers with the following experience levels.

Some experience with:

  • Microsoft .NET Framework
  • Visual Basic or C#

Little or no experience with:

  • Silverlight
  • Windows Phone

Types of Applications

The Windows Phone application platform provides two frameworks for developing applications:

  • Silverlight

    The Silverlight framework supports event-driven, XAML-based application development.

  • XNA

    The XNA Framework supports loop-based games.

Silverlight and XNA can also be combined in a single application.

The following table lists some of the criteria that you can use to determine whether you should use Silverlight or the XNA Framework for your Windows Phone application. With Windows Phone OS 7.1, you can combine Silverlight and XNA into one application. For more information about Silverlight and XNA, see The Silverlight and XNA Frameworks for Windows Phone. For more information about the application platform, see Application Platform Overview for Windows Phone.

Gg680270.51ee15fd-3df3-421b-b126-aa7f691be6da(en-us,PandP.11).pngApplication Requirement

Recommended Application Type

Text-based controls and menus


XAML-based event-driven application

Interaction with Windows Phone controls such as Pivot and Panorama

Embedded video

Hosted HTML

Web browser compatibility

Vector graphics

Looping game framework


Highly performant, visually complex applications

2D and 3D games

Advanced art assets such as textures, effects, and terrains

Xbox compatibility

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