SAP Mobile Application Development Training

Now I know what working at Apple must feel like.

After SAP (my employer) announced April 10th that it had bought mobile app vendor Syclo and inked partnerships with development framework vendors Adobe (PhoneGap), Appcelerator and Sencha, praise quickly turned to skepticism.

Oh, the reaction initially was positive.

(Fun fact: Syclo CEO Richard Padula has been developing mobile business apps since the mid-1990s, or several years before the WAP-based Mobile 1.0 era.)

John Wargo has a great post at the Sybase Unwired Platform Developer Center expanding on what that means, and how we hope to attract one million+ developers.

But doubters quickly emerged.

There were more comments in that vein. I half expected someone to criticize SAP President and Corporate Officer Sanjay Poonen for not sweatily re-enacting Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer's "Developers!" chant.

Some of their points are on the mark. It's far easier for developers at large consultancies and system integrators with SAP enterprise licenses to access the Sybase Unwired Platform than developers at small firms. The library of training materials for SUP is fast-growing (see the Developer Center above) but could still be more plentiful.

SAP + Mobile Skills = Payday
For you the mobile developer, all of this is noise. What you probably want to know is: right now, is it worth my time and trouble to learn SUP and other SAP technologies?

Naturally, I would say yes. But don't listen to me. Instead, let's hear from Jason Cohen, who is a vice-president for Cyon Recruitment Consultants, an Orlando, Florida-based IT recruiting firm. Cohen has been a recruiter since the late 1990s, with a focus on enterprise software from both Oracle and SAP.

"Enterprise mobility is definitely on an uptick, " he said. "There's been more activity in the last several months than we've ever seen."

A search of the job aggregator shows 71 ads looking for SUP skills.

One of those was from Cohen's client, which is looking for an enterprise mobility architect with deep SAP experience. The job, located in the San Francisco Bay Area, would pay between 5, 000 to 0, 000.

That salary range is extremely low for the Bay Area, acknowledged Cohen, who unsuccessfully tried to persuade the client to sweeten the pot. He says that SAP mobile architects in urban areas like Silicon Valley should be able to command $200, 000 a year and up.

"I've personally spoken to a number of people in similar roles in the Bay Area and Los Angeles that are making $240, 000 a year, " he said. "The ones that have the skills that everyone demands are in the driver's seat. Companies are at their mercy."

By contrast, Cohen spoke recently to a mobile architect skilled in Microsoft technologies who was making about $150, 000 a year in Seattle. SAP developers and architects typically make 15% to 20% more than those with skills in Microsoft and other technologies where demand is lower and developers more numerous, he said.

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