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The group discusses identifying and scoping out a mobile app opportunity

Courses on App Development

Upcoming Courses:

Join one of our training courses to learn about the business potential of the mobile apps marketplace. It is particularly suited to managers, small business owners, freelancers and designers who want to know how their business can benefit from apps, the difference between mobile web and dedicated apps and what they will need in their organisation to develop apps for themselves or for clients. The format will be presentation and discussion with all technical jargon explained or banned!

During the afternoon, we'll be focussing on how you make an app using AppFurnace. It will include practical sessions on how to make pitches and add magic moments to your app.Jo talks about what features and functions to look for in a mobile app platform It is suited to web developers and anyone who wants to understand the principles of how to use AppFurnace to make and publish apps.

Identifying and scoping out a mobile app opportunity

What features and functions to look for in a mobile app platform

Hands-on, tutored, experience with AppFurnace

Ben provides hands-on, tutored, experience with AppFurnaceCreate and test your first location-aware apps outside the studio

Feedback from the Group

"It was a good training day, highly recommended to people who has already had project in mind to take the best opportunity to ask questions and learn better!"

"A big thank you to all for the enlightening day at the bootcamp. I'm very excited about the possibilities of this new media and how it can benefit my clients as well as the additional revenue stream. It really has opened a whole new world..."

"A great introductory course in to the usefulness of AppFurnace for producing apps. No longer are programmers the sole provider of apps, now web designers can produce great apps for their clients!"

"Good to put Apps into context and to work out what I really want out of them. Great atmosphere, great people taking the workshops."

"Useful insights into app development and very helpful, friendly presenters."

AppFurnace Mobile Apps Development Webinar

We will also be running future webinars to give AppFurnace users practical guidance on using AppFurnace.

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What is the best software development platform for Big Data ?

I would use a relatively light yet powerful laptop with dual screen dock. Any i7 based laptop (MacBook Pro?) should do it. Tablet is good for