HTML5 Mobile Apps Development Training

Tim Anglade from Apigee will be teaching a free 1-day intro to Mobile App development, next week in Bethesda Wednesday Dec. 4 and in Arlington Thursday Dec. 5. Tim has taught this class a dozen times before, for over 3, 000 students in cities such as San Francisco, LA, Denver, Austin, and at conferences such as HTML5 Conf and OSCON.

The premise is simple: in one day, you’ll learn everything you need to know to build your first HTML5 Mobile App, including: HTML & JavaScript basics, PhoneGap, jQuery, jQuery Mobile, and how to use a backend-as-a-service (Usergrid).

The classes are completely free (and all the software & services you’ll be using are too — most of them are even open-source). We hope to see you & your colleagues there!

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This info is from Tim Anglade, the trainer you'll be working with. Please read below and take action where needed. Thanks!

1. Please Register on Eventbrite

2. Software to Install Before you Arrive (Mandatory, Takes ~60 minutes)

If you plan to build for iOS. You will need an Apple laptop (no developing from iPad of non-Apple laptops). Please make sure you have XCode 4 or XCode 5 installed. You can find XCode on the Mac App Store. If your laptop does not support installing XCode via the Mac App Store, please come see the instructor before the class and he will give you an older version that works.Please download & install the latest node.js from you will need to follow the installation & run instructions at (replace “phonegap run android” with “phonegap run ios” in the run instructions to try out iOS development, and install all npm packages as requested by the error messages when you run the commandIf you plan to build for Android, please follow this guide: — please make sure you see the PhoneGap logo in your emulator before your come to the class!
For all other platforms, please follow the appropriate plaftorm guide in the PhoneGap docs
N.B.: Adobe PhoneGap and Apache Cordova are the same thing (Cordova is the open-source name, PhoneGap the product name).

3. Time & Place

On either day, doors will open and coffee/tea/decaf will be served at 8:30am.
On Wednesday, the training will take place at the Hyatt Regency Bethesda, located at 7400 Wisconsin Ave, Bethesda MD 20814. Parking is available for $12 at the hotel for event attendees.
On Thursday, the training will take place at GMU School of Law in Arlington inside Founders Hall Classroom 113, located at 3351 Fairfax Dr. Arlington, VA 22201. Parking at the university is $3/hour with a daily max of $14.

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