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In Web page design, the popularity of Adobe's Flash multimedia platform is nose-diving, while HTML5 is skyrocketing. That transition is causing websites and website designers to find better ways of incorporating motion and interactivity, and Adobe's new Dreamweaver CS6 ($399 as a stand-alone program, as of 6/1/2012; also part of Adobe's Creative Suite 6) provides an array of tools to serve up HTML5-based designs on smartphones, tablets, and desktops.

Fluid Layouts, Fluid Design

All website traffic is growing, but mobile website traffic is growing the most quickly. Dreamweaver CS6's new Fluid Grid Layout tool helps you design for devices of all screen sizes, from smartphone to tablet to desktop. The previous version of Dreamweaver helped you build "media queries"-code in a master HTML file to direct traffic from devices of different screen sizes to different CSS files-but it didn't provide much help in figuring out how to set up each of those CSS files for the different screens.

For a Fluid Grid Layout, you use a simple wizard to set how many columns you want for a smartphone, a tablet, and a desktop; indicate the size of the columns; and Dreamweaver creates the HTML5 file and an associated CSS3 file. Then you use a menu command to add containers for blocks of content and rearrange them on a grid. Dreamweaver takes care of the coding-at least, for a while; as with almost any Dreamweaver operation, you'll end up poring over the application's code view to make changes in your content. Adobe cautions against fiddling with the Fluid Grid Layout code-it's just too easy to screw it up. By the way, Adobe TV has excellent video walkthroughs of this new feature and of many others.

Fluid Grid Layouts are supposed to give you a starting point for an adaptive design. That is, you build your content once, and then the Web pages on which that content lives will reconfigure themselves to display the content properly on any size screen. This is known as adaptive design, and you can test it on any website by opening it in a desktop browser and then resizing the browser window, from smartphone size to standard desktop size. Does the content on the page just sit there as you resize, or does it reflow, based on the size of the window? If it reflows, then it's probably an HTML5-based site, and it will likely work well on any kind of device.

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