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Gaming phenomenon Angry Birds jumped to No.1 in the App Store after a nod from Apple. Roger Cheng/CNET

When Apple, it was a sharp reminder to iOS developers: don't mess with Apple's rankings or suffer the consequences.

In this case, the app, which offered a free or discounted app each day on Apple's App Store to 10 million users, reportedly gamed the system by pushing its partners' apps to the top of Apple's charts. Apple cried foul, , including a newly-minted rule warning that any apps promoting other apps "in a manner similar to or confusing with the App Store will be rejected."

For its part, AppGratis has said it was not doing anything nefarious, but Apple did not budge. AppGratis is no longer in the App Store (it ended up launching an Android app as a result) and the iPhone maker's strict policy is forcing other discovery companies to change their tactics for surfacing apps.

The App Store's featured apps. Screenshot by Jason Parker/CNET

The episode was a stark illustration of Apple's immense power over app creators thanks to the soaring popularity of the App Store. The App Store, which debuted five years ago today, has since acquired make-or-break status as the arbiter of digital taste in our increasingly mobile-centric society. Indeed, Apple has since the App Store opened. But that gross dollar volume tells only part of the story. Not all apps are created equal and only a relative few are raking in the truly big bucks. That's because with over, standing apart from the crowd has become harder than ever. So winning a featured spot in the App Store is the veritable Golden Goose for developers.

Now that the secret is out, how does a company go about making a name for itself on the App Store? It's not easy. Outside of appearing in an Apple commercial, or doing a partnership with a large brand to distribute your app, it's up to the wiles of individual developers to forge relationships with Apple early on.

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