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Mobile application development is the hottest trend in the software development industry these days. Entrepreneurs are stepping into marketing avenues by launching mobile applications for their businesses, products and services. The biggest question is, “Who will design my app?” which can only be answered by conducting a detailed analysis of your requirements, budget and level of expertise required by you.

Seeing the market in such a boom, most of the software development companies are becoming the app development companies exclusively. Some app development companies are a combination of app and web development; some might be a mix of all types of software development. However, app development is one of the major / key areas in all such companies. In fact app development has given the developers a new challenge to not only learn but also enjoy the industry’s latest technology.

On-shore and Off-shore development

Mostly the apps are launched at a very big scale as any particular app is launched for entire one platform like android, iPhone, BlackBerry and Windows. Therefore, a successful execution of an app requires a strong app development resource may it be a mobile app developer or an app development company.

Many companies are able to afford on-shore development i.e. same location / company / country in order to meet the market challenges and advertise their product / service well. However, small to medium companies are quite reluctant with on-shore development especially because of the finances. Due to high cost in international markets, developers and app development companies have put together a few good platforms where they can share their requirements and plans of action. The alternative to on-shore is off-shore i.e. you hire a developer in different location / company / country to be able to cut down the expenses a bit and get the same quality delivered. Please keep in mind that cost is not the only factor that drives you for an off-shore development.

Here are a few points that should help you decide why off-shore development should be your choice as compared to onshore app development:

1- Biggest factor of course would be the cost, the size of your organization or the business should not necessarily impact your decision unless you have an efficient team deployed in-house. Off-shore app development companies provide you with competitive cost advantage i.e. 1/3 of the actual development cost in the west, which translates into smooth budget management during the teething stages of development and after the launch of your application.

2- Keeping multiple options at hand lets you grow more and reduces your dependability on any one resource. Although the dedication factor exists but still it’s better to have a resource that serves to be your back-up.

3- Diversity of skills, which is another important factor in your decision about on-shore or off-shore development. You get to work with talented and diligent resources who are working on their technology advancement themselves, without having you to worry about their up gradation according to the new market trends.

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