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Bank of America Follows Competition with Mobile Banking, Falls Short in Eyes of Consumers

The Application Design with Social Intelligence (ADSI) Model
The ADSI Model was developed by Crimson Hexagon to illustrate how social intelligence can play a pivotal role in an organization’s decision-making and innovation process. In this context, the ADSI Model offers a base framework from which organizations can design and implement a smart model for application innovation by leveraging the voice of the consumer as it relates to distinct business touchpoints. This same model can be employed in traditional product development settings, and used to inform cross-channel positioning strategies as well. Combining both business and competitive insight, the ADSI Model reveals consumers’ desired value elements, and helps the organization to achieve sustainable competitive advantage.

In our previous social intelligence blog post, we explored Bank of America’s traditional and mobile touchpoints through the voice of the consumer. Using the Crimson Hexagon ForSight™ platform, we conducted deep analysis of online consumer commentary and uncovered the drivers behind consumer praise and frustration with BofA’s Mobile Banking product.

In particular, we found that Bank of America’s release of the mobile check deposit feature pleased consumers, accounting for 60% of the conversation. However, praise of this app enhancement quickly eroded over the next three months, as consumers were no longer as impressed by the feature. The proportion of conversation related to mobile check deposit declined by 41%. In sum, Bank of America only achieved a competitive parity and short-term goodwill among consumers. For a complete review of our findings, please refer to part one of this study.

Let’s revisit the ADSI Model.

By strategically leveraging social intelligence, brands in every industry can investigate consumer reactions to existing mobile apps, competitor app features, and traditional customer touchpoints to inform new app development. What’s more, brands can use this intelligence to discover new strategies to complement traditional offerings and address consumer desire for experience enhancements—before the competition.

With the case of Bank of America, we learned that the organization finally heard their customers’ pleas for app enhancement and announced mobile check deposit. Though BofA successfully delivered new value to customers via this channel, the bank was unable to get ahead of the development curve and sustain customer satisfaction.

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