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Differences between hiring a mobile software development company and an individual mobile developer

Businesses in need of mobile application developers often encounter the difficulty of choosing one option between an app development company and an individual mobile developer. Hiring right developers is a critical decision for any mobile app project, regardless of app’s type and size.

Let us learn some differences between hiring a company and individual mobile application developer, but before I begin to make you count these differences, have a look on the complete process of developing a mobile app:

Step 6: Once testing team approves the app, the app is submitted to store(s) or launched internally.

Now I come back to find differences between a development company and an individual developer


When it comes to hiring a mobile application development company, there are tons of them which can be found online. They have great price structures that vary from project to project. They have group of developers and can offer dynamic talent because they are professionals and have worked on multiple projects of same kind. Depending on the client or project-requirement, mobile app development companies offer their services through several business models such as Fixed Bid, Dedicated Resources, Time and Material, and Offshore Development Center.

They have separate teams of professionals for separate app development processes including idea conceiving and maturing it with proper market research & analysis, forming strategy with keeping market trend, technology and audience-requirements in mind, designing graphical parts of an app that will be visible as front-end, coding the application for one or multiple platforms, testing it in real devices as well as in simulators, finding and fixing bugs and issues, and implementing the app.

A company charges less service-fees in comparison of hiring individual developers internally and paying them salaries. When hiring a professional company, you can sign a non-disclosure agreement with it to avoid any chance of risk. A company maintains reputation in market and behalf of same, draws more customer and thus it tries to live up to the expectations of clients.

Many times companies have readily available solutions that fit exactly the client’s requirements. It allows them to quickly end-up the project at minimum requirement of investment. They have multiple channels of communication and thus they can keep clieths informed all through the process of development.

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I completely agree with Brett... The best way to find the right development resource is to get a referral from someone you trust. But if you don't know anyone in the region, that can be tricky.
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