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appThe global pool of good mobile development companies that can finish complex projects is still very thin. Finding a good mobile developer in or around Chicago is next to impossible. While it is a huge benefit to have a developer near your business, it is not always critical. When searching for an iOS or Android development company, here are 8 questions you should ask the potential firm to help you separate the the true finishers from the rest:

  1. When did you publish your first iPhone, iPad or Android application?
    • the closer to July 2008 this answer is (when the app store went live), the more wisdom and gray hairs your developer has in this niche field.
    • Be wary of a newcomer or a company that lists mobile development among one of its many capabilities. This marketplace is very young and moves fast. You want a developer who does this first above all other things.
  2. What is your development process?
    • The more specific and nailed down the process, the better.
    • A good process leads to realistic time-lines and a project that stays within budget.
  3. Have any of your applications been featured by Apple or Google? If so, what app and where was it featured?
    • Getting featured on the home page is key and is the sign of a developer who stays on top of the fast changing app development ecosystem.
  4. What is your philosophy on user interface (UI)?
    • Nothing is more important to an iOS or Android app than user interface.
    • Subtle design choices make the difference between a best-in-class application and yet another for the junk drawer.
    • It’s worth repeating again, user interface (UI) is critical. A good developer will take what you have and make it better.
  5. What 3 applications best represent your design aesthetic AND UI philosophy?
    • The proof is always in the pudding.
    • ALWAYS take a few of your potential mobile developer application for a test drive. As a user you will quickly know if they design like they say they do.
  6. Do you outsource your development?
    • Many, many companies do. Be very careful. There are a lot of countries with good developers. Italy has some, Brazil has some. But many countries do not and they have no problem leading you along and getting paid along the way until you finally realize what is going on. We have fixed countless applications first developed from India.
    • Remember: everyone wants to get into the iPhone development business because demand far outweighs supply. Everyone wants the dev arrow in their quiver but FEW can actually deliver when the chips are down.
    • Preferable answer here is “no” or, we only use local talent.
  7. Have you ever had an application rejected by Apple (or Google)?
    • This is a trick question and it will separate the veterans from the newbies. In the early days, good developers pushed the limits of the iPhone and iPad with their apps (from an API standpoint). In short, every good, seasoned developer has had an app rejected for some reason before they made necessary changes and resubmitted. This is not as important as it used to be but still a good one to ask.
    • A developer who says “no” is either new, hasn’t pushed the envelope on anything ever or is plain lying.
    • In this case failure is a sign of wisdom.
    • Extra Credit: Ask for a good rejection story. In the early days, there are some real humdinger stories out there.
  8. Do you offer general marketing, B2B and app store marketplace advice along the way?
    • With over 1 million applications on the app store, good advice is critical for your success.
    • While your developer does not have to provide you with an entire marketing plan (there are specialty app promotion agencies that do that quite well), they should help steer you in the right direction and give you candid advice.
    • The good ones can even help you determine the market size for your app based on the competition.

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Best mobile application development company India?

Which is best company for mobile application development in India as per your view? As I have some remembered experience with OpenXcell Technolabs that was a great for me to do some mobile apps.
What would you say?

Of the many companies in this industry I came across, I found Finoit Technologies the best one. It is a well-established mobile application development company in India and holds expertise in web, mobile and software development for numerous business verticals. It has also proven its skills in mobile gaming with quality games such as Tap A Fish.