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At SPEC INDIA we offer our steadfast services as an Onshore and Offshore partner for Enterprise Mobility Solutions and Mobile Applications Development.

We have expertise on a variety of technologies like iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone, Cross Platform tools HTML5, J2ME, JME and CSS3 and also extend support for legacy mobile techniques like Windows CE. The advent of PhoneGap into mobile development realm speeds app development cycles and increases the efficiency manifold. Our design teams and technical teams complement each other in designing synergetic user Interface frameworks to unfold distinctive user Experiences.

We establish a strong, reliable presence in the mobile domain by demonstrating an extensive know-how and experience of developing groundbreaking mobile applications for the unceasing, multitude devices right from the age old PDAs, Handhelds and J2ME / JME compatible feature phones to the omnipresent Smartphones and Tablets.

SPEC INDIA has demonstrated its Visual C++ development strength by developing smart architectures such as Mobile Computing Framework, Production Planning and Reporting System and other robust platforms for Fortune 100 clients.

Metamorphosis of your existing Internet and web based solutions at SPEC turn them contemporary by thoughtful redesigning to cut costs, boost productivity and ensure Returns on Investments.

Mobile Applications Development Solutions @ SPEC

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Technology Matrix

We exhibit a decade long experience in providing Mobile Computing Solutions on a variety of technologies which include Microsoft Compact Framework, J2ME Applications Development Embedded VC++ Software Development and MFC. Our Mobile Application Development Solutions delivered in the Standalone as well Mobile Client Server Applications architecture in real time / online or pseudo online/offline; support direct printing, work in wired and wireless modes such as GSM, GPRS, Infrared, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

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What is the average size of a mobile app development company?

On one edge of the spectrum you have One-Man-Shops that manage to release an App every few months, the next size seems to be 3 people followed by 7-10. Once you go over that number its like any company, there are no real rules of thumb.
A sample team that ships say 5-10 high quality Apps a year would require what I believe to be an average of 6 employees (lets say 1 Designer/Artist, 1 PM, 3 Developers and 1 more guy who can manage web-properties, social-media campaigns, support, etc.