Mobile app development company Brochure

Mobile App Development for Clinical Trials

Cree Product Characterization Tool

A mobile app allowing buyers to customize and compare multiple LED lighting system designs.

John Deere Mower Match

A dynamic interactive brochure that guides buyers to the ideal mower to fit their needs.

GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy Services App

mobile app development for john deere waterA dynamic interactive brochure presenting various nuclear plant safety and maintenance services.

Mobile technology has arrived as the next step in mainstream digital communications.

Signal is committed to putting our creative approach into cutting-edge mobile application development for iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry and other leading mobile devices. Mobile applications make excellent business-to-business tools for sales presentations, training and utilities in the field. You can also reach out to your customers on the go, wherever they are, whenever they’re ready to interact, via brand promotion apps with interactive brochures, games and social networking.

As a creative agency offering a complete range of communications services, Signal is uniquely positioned not only to design and develop your mobile app but also to help you launch it and integrate it with your digital marketing strategies.

Mobile App Development for Cree Mobile App Development for John Deere Mower Match

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What is the average size of a mobile app development company?

On one edge of the spectrum you have One-Man-Shops that manage to release an App every few months, the next size seems to be 3 people followed by 7-10. Once you go over that number its like any company, there are no real rules of thumb.
A sample team that ships say 5-10 high quality Apps a year would require what I believe to be an average of 6 employees (lets say 1 Designer/Artist, 1 PM, 3 Developers and 1 more guy who can manage web-properties, social-media campaigns, support, etc.