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One of the most crucial questions a software owner has to decide on, is which platform (or platforms) to cover. The two obvious candidates are Android and iOS, the third is Windows Phone, although lagging far behind, but fast-growing. We'd like to offer some statistics illustrating the situation on the mobile market.


If you take a look at the worldwide marketshare of mobile platforms, Android is the absolute leader with 81.3%; iOS follows with 13.4%. Windows Phone occupies the third place with 4.1%. BlackBerry's share is 1%, while other mobile operating systems have 0.2% in total.


When it comes to numbers of app downloads, Android with its huge popularity and numerous devices couldn't fail: 58% downloaded apps belong to Android, 33% are iOS apps, and 9% are divided among the rest.


But what about monetization of developers' and software owners' efforts? Here the situation is drastically different: iOS is the leader in this area with 65%. Android has 27%, and other operating systems occupy 8%.

What can we see here: iOS and Android together account for more than 90% of the market and revenues. Android means audience, iOS means revenues. Many businesses try to build apps for both of them for marketing non-digital services and product.

MobiDev wields the cutting edge of IT in the field of mobile software and web development.

Our main task is to provide our Client with software development services:

  • building an application for one or more mobile platforms;
  • porting an application to another mobile platform;
  • building a custom website/web service;
  • building a website upon an open-source CMS;
  • building a complex system comprising a server and one or more mobile clients.

Every mobile solution undergoes full software development cycle, which includes: analysis of requirements; building the architecture of a software product; user interface (UI) design; implementation; testing and verification; deployment and product support. Every stage presupposes cooperative work with the Client and high quality of the software development services.

Software Product Support

MobiDev is a client-oriented and relationship-based company. After completing the development process, we conduct product maintenance and support:

  • fixing the bugs identified by users;
  • minor updates and feature changes;
  • product performance adjustment;
  • web service and web application installation support;
  • product documentation;
  • product usage troubleshooting.

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