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TGFI has been developing applications for the iOS platform since early 2008, months before the official release of the Apple App Store. As we saw the development community explode without official support, we knew it was important to be ready to go when Apple was.

Our designers and developers have been iPhone users since the beginning. So have their kids. This amazing little pocket computer changed how we consume and share information, relax and make purchases. The iPad is a natural extension of the iPhone, not just in size, but in how we interact. The larger screen changed our work flow, allowing us to sketch and iterate new designs faster than ever. It also allows us to share our work, both for TGFI and for personal projects, like photography.

The iPhone and iPad are not just apart of our work day, but an intrinsic part of our lives.

It’s this vast amount of usage that gives us a deep understanding of how people interact with them. We know what works and what doesn’t and we craft marketing, sales and content applications with that in mind. These small differences in interaction and aesthetics have a huge impact in whether people purchase, use and spread the word about your application.

Our iPhone and iPad Development Work

Here are a few examples of the work we have done for the platform. Per our contracts, not all of our work can be shown publicly, but we can always meet in person to talk more about them and explain our process.

Horizon League Mobile 3.0

In November of 2011 we wrapped up design and development of the Horizon League Network Live for the 2011-2012 college sports season. With this third version of the application, fans can watch games live on their iPhone, iPad or Android device, or browse through hundreds of past games, recaps and weekly shows. The application is available online for just $1.99.

Inside the Race

In May of 2010 we released an IndyCar news application for Inside the Race, just in time for the Indianapolis 500. Sales were strong out of the gate reaching #4 in the App store for sports applications. The iPhone app has been a large factor in the continued growth of the site providing updated news, video and schedule information. You can download the application today for $1.99.

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What is the average size of a mobile app development company?

On one edge of the spectrum you have One-Man-Shops that manage to release an App every few months, the next size seems to be 3 people followed by 7-10. Once you go over that number its like any company, there are no real rules of thumb.
A sample team that ships say 5-10 high quality Apps a year would require what I believe to be an average of 6 employees (lets say 1 Designer/Artist, 1 PM, 3 Developers and 1 more guy who can manage web-properties, social-media campaigns, support, etc.