Windows mobile app development

SharePoint client object model architectureYou can build a wide variety of mobile apps using SharePoint 2013. This section describes what’s new or changed in the SharePoint 2013 release that makes mobile app development simple for developers.

SharePoint 2013 adds several new classes to both the server and client object models to enable the SharePoint mobility scenarios that we described earlier in this article.

To enable location-aware apps, there is a new native field type class, SPFieldGeoLocation, along with several associated classes for structuring the value of location fields and rendering them. These classes are also callable in the SharePoint 2013 client object model for Silverlight. The new field type also has a definition added to the standard SharePoint fldtypes.xml file and new user controls for rendering the field on the Display, Edit, and New forms. For an overview, see .

To enable SharePoint 2013 authentication for Windows Phone users, the client object model includes a new Authenticator class and several associated classes. For an overview, see .

SharePoint REST architectureTo enable automatic notifications to Windows Phone users of events on a SharePoint farm, the server object model includes several new classes, each of which is also callable from the client object model. These classes include methods that enable phone apps to register with SharePoint 2013 server apps for notifications about specified types of events. There are also methods that the server apps use to send notifications to registered subscribers. For an overview, see Create a Windows Phone SharePoint list app to receive push notifications.

With SharePoint 2013, you're not limited to mobile app development just for Windows Phone 8 and Windows Phone 7. With the JavaScript programming interface and the new Representational State Transfer (REST) programming interface provided by SharePoint 2013, you can create applications for non-Windows Phone mobile devices; you can interact with SharePoint sites by using JavaScript that executes as scripts in the browser, or remotely by using any technology that supports standard REST capabilities. The following section provides an overview of the REST and JavaScript programming interfaces.

ECMAScript (JavaScript, JScript) object model architecture

SharePoint Foundation 2010 introduced the client object models, which enabled developers to perform remote communication with SharePoint by using the web programming technology of their choice: the .NET Framework, Silverlight, or JavaScript.

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