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In this fast-paced application age, even experienced mobile app developers can’t rest on their laurels. They need to continually refine their skills and quickly adopt new mobile app development tools that can give them an extra edge.

The following resources can help you find and learn how to use mobile app development tools that can take your projects — and programming abilities — to the next level:

Video tutorials: Video tutorials can connect you with quality instruction from experts willing to share their knowledge of mobile app development tools and tips and tricks for programming. Go to video2brain’s YouTube channel to take advantage of some iOS intelligence. To increase your Android acumen, view the offerings in Lynda’s video library.

Community forums: When faced with a sticky programming issue, tech forums can be a developer’s best friend. There’s no substitute for the insight offered by other talented professionals working in your field. For example, joining GitHub will allow you to collaborate with a large open source community of programmers with varying skill levels, while Stack Overflow offers a vast question-and-answer section to help you untangle complex issues.

Training: Taking part in a hands-on training course is another way to learn new mobile app development tools, or see an old process from a new perspective. You can also learn how to apply your mobile app development knowledge to enterprise processes, which could help you land a new project or position with a leading employer. Check out these Robert Half Technology IT training resources to learn more.

In a field like programming, the learning process never really stops. Mobile app development is one of the hottest fields right now, and it pays to keep expanding your set of mobile app development tools. Building up in-demand skills also can help you secure a developer job at a higher starting salary: According to the Robert Half Technology 2014 Salary Guide, a U.S. mobile application developer with the right experience and abilities can command a starting salary of up to $144, 000.

The importance of adding new mobile app development tools to your arsenal will only increase as technological changes — such as wearables — shake things up. Read more about the wearables trend here. Want to champion some mobile app development tools? Let our readers know in the comments.

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Is Portland beginning to take center stage in mobile app development?

So yes, the app is super cool. (And if you agree, you may want to digg it.) But, I think—in my Silicon-Forest-centric frame of mind—that’s not the only cool thing happening in this story.