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new project.jpgThis blog helps the newbies to develop a native mobile app from scratch using Sybase Unwired Platform's MBO approach. This approach has been discouraged by SAP, eventhough the MBO based apps are supported in SMP 3 version using the SMP 2.3 runtime. I am not getting into detail on the future plans of SAP in this blog. Hope this blog can answer a lot of repeated basic questions on a native application development using SUP.

The mobile app was developed in this blog based on SUP 2.2 SP02 and Andriod mobile OS with SAP as backend.

To set up a development read this blog, Setup mobile development environment. Apart from this installation of

1.pngCreating MBOs

In this part the MBOs are developed and deployed to SUP server. There is only one MBO called Customers_List in this project.

Create a new mobile application project by right clicking in a free space under WorkSpace Navigator > New> Mobile Application Project.

Give a name for the project “Customers”.

It will create a new project in the Workspace. Create an MBO called Customers_List by right clicking on the folder Mobile Business Objects.

2.pngGive name for the MBO.

Specify a database from the choice bar. The Sybase SDK is configured with SAP connection details, hence it appears in the list. Select SAP and click Next.

Click on browse to fetch the RFCs/BAPIs. Give the name of the RFC (BAPI_CUSTOMER_GETLIST) and click on “Search BAPIs/RFCs” button that will get the list of RFCs. Select the RFC and click OK. The RFC used is present in SAP system by default.

Select “IDRANGE” as input and “ADDRESSDATA” as output. Click on next button.

Click next.

Click the Next button and click Finish. It will create the MBO.

Note that the MBO Customers_List is linked to BAPI_CUSTOMERGETLIST_IDRANGE structure, since the input of the RFC is a structure.

SAP connection selection.jpg 3.png 4.png 6.png

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