Salesforce mobile app development Guide

After scouring the interwebs, I realized there was no single place where I could access relevant resources for all of the developer customization points in Salesforce1. As such, I wanted outline a few of the key points on the app to hopefully fast ramp anyone hoping to use the app container for mobile development.

What is Salesforce1 and what can I use it for?

The Salesforce1 app is a container that surfaces all of your Salesforce data on any mobile device. This includes your core CRM, custom data model, custom tabs and apps, installed apps from the AppExchange, custom pages, and 3rdparty applications surfaced through a Canvas app. In addition, all of the declarative and programmatic process automation you have already built, like approvals or triggers, will also work as seamlessly with the app as it does with your desktop environment. What this means to a developer, is that you have a baseline setup for an employee facing mobile application to then extend and customize to fit whatever business use case you are trying to meet.

In Salesforce1, think of your customizations as apps within an app. You can download the Salesforce1 mobile app from Google Play or the Apple AppStore or, as both an access point or development tool, access it from the browser by changing the URL to Once you are there, you can access all of the apps you’ve built on Salesforce within the container and build a mobile experience for your specific business use cases like an HR app (ie recruiting, onboarding, time off apps) or an operations app (ie project management, supply chain, or deliveries apps) for example.

How can I customize the app container?

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What are the most popular mobile app development community sites?

1.) Simplicity of the conceptual model
2.)  The developer tools that come with the platform
I had never been charmed by a platform, then I met iOS. I get little butterflies when I program on it. Its like the Notebook. It uses such a simple MVC paradigm for development that gives you a real nice set of rails to develop you app along. Further, the development tools available for iOS, namely XCode, are top notch. Its a beautiful IDE, and its Interface Builder is extremely powerful, and simple to use.
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