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Tim Hoste

Web Developer

Do you think it’s too early to be planning for your next e-commerce website? Think again! Conjuring up mental images of conversion rates, web layouts and product pages is something that you should be doing. It gets you thinking about what you want your next website to look like, what types of...

Nick Pietro

Web Dev Buff

Understanding the customer and what motivates them to buy is always the million dollar question for businesses. Except today’s businesses have a new customer to learn about: the mobile customer. Understanding the Mobile Consumer In 2012, Google and Ipsos partnered together to learn about the...

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Given URL is not allowed by the Application configuration.: One or more of the given URLs is not allowed by the App's settings. It must match the Website URL or Canvas URL, or the domain must be a subdomain of one of the App's domains.

Nenuphar development bdBuzz : BD Comics Manga
Mobile Application (Nenuphar development)
  • -The largest catalog of digital comics francophone enriched every month the latest news:
  • already more than 2500 digital albums with great success (X, Largo Winch, Bob and Bobette, Thorgal, Blake and Mortimer, Lucky Luke, the Irish ). Digital comics purchased...
  • -An innovative digital comic reader for a unique reading experience.
  • -Each month, new bdBuzz publishers choose to distribute their digital comics. It is guaranteed to always have access to the biggest and best comic digital content.
  • -Tens of thousands of albums available papers.
  • -The only application that can manage its entire collection BD (BD, manga, comics, digital and traditional paper albums), loans, and purchases his wishlist.
  • BdMe (option 0.79 euros) which can be informed of all the news from his collection and his favorite authors as well as to be notified of upcoming releases of series...
  • The-scan the bar code, quickly add all albums in his collection.
  • -Safeguarding the collection directly from the smartphone or the tablet, if lost, do not panic recovery is quick and easy.
  • -All about the comic: the latest news, upcoming releases excerpts from comics, trailers, comics that make the buzz is all about bdBuzz.
New Riders Digital Product Management: Design websites and mobile apps that exceed expectations (Voices That Matter)
Book (New Riders)
  • Used Book in Good Condition


What are the most popular mobile app development community sites?

1.) Simplicity of the conceptual model
2.)  The developer tools that come with the platform
I had never been charmed by a platform, then I met iOS. I get little butterflies when I program on it. Its like the Notebook. It uses such a simple MVC paradigm for development that gives you a real nice set of rails to develop you app along. Further, the development tools available for iOS, namely XCode, are top notch. Its a beautiful IDE, and its Interface Builder is extremely powerful, and simple to use.
Android on the other hand leaves a bad taste in my mouth, namely the conceptual model for An…