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Where can i publish my apps?

Mobile Application Development

Thomas Cole can make your mobile application ideas and dreams come to life.

What Is A Mobile App?

A mobile app is an application that has been designed to be ran on a smartphone. Smartphones are phones such as a Android, iOS or Blackberry Software powered device. The application is then installed to your phones memory just like a program is installed to a computer. Applications could be from e-commerce order systems to a application that counts how many steps you take.

Where Can You Publish My App?

We can publish your application to various different mobile handset app stores. Below are some of the most common:

App Store (Apple)

We have the ability to publish your app out onto iOS powered devices such as the iPod, iPhone and iPad.
If you want iPods & iPhones to have your App you need to submit it to the App Store.

Android Market (Android)

The Android Market is home to many different models of handsets all of which are powered by the Android OS.
Models such as the HTC Desire, Samsung Galaxy S, HTC Wildfire, Google G1, Xperia X10.
With such a large platform that is constantly expanding and with a total of over 6 billion downloads it seems like one of the most logical places for coverage.

Windows Mobile Marketplace (Microsoft)

With many more phones adopting the new Windows Phone OS Thomas Cole are proud to announce that we have the capability to add your app to the Windows Mobile Marketplace.

Blackberry App World (RIM)

With over 70 million Blackberrys having been sold across the world having your app listed on one of the best selling app stores of all time is a must.
Want your app on a Blackberry? It will have to go on the App World!

Self Distribution

This can be done by hosting the applications files on your own private website and using either web links or QR codes to allow people to download the software to their handsets to install manually.

But I want a App that goes on all stores?

This can be done, although we can push your application out to many different app stores it will actually need 4 different apps, all of which wrote for each independent mobile phone OS.

Publishing, The application will be published to the platforms of your choice with a standalone file being created and a QR code for easy download and installation for your potential customers.

Want more information?

Contact Thomas Cole for more information on Mobile Phone Application Development on 0800 085 2584.
Or alternatively use our contact form.

App Store Links

Below are links to the popular app stores, most of the store is accessible via the phone application the store is designed to run on.

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How do you develop applications for mobile phones?

With the help of innovative mobile application software such as Windows and Symbian operating system and bulk messaging application software that support short messaging service (SMS) and Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS), mobile phones are not far from the technologies integrated in personal computers. With the help of latest application software, it is quite easy to build-up advanced GUI mobile application that helps in providing various enhanced Internet services through the mobile.