Mobile apps development without Coding

Create mobile applications for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone without any coding required.

The risks and challenges faced by the team are minimal. We have already built, tested, and developed the fundamental back-end of MAGE that allows the platform to add in features such as dynamic content, analytics, and push notifications. However, the front-end and synchronized building on multiple platforms still needs to be developed. This could prove to be more challenging and time-consuming than originally anticipated. Our team is experienced with encountering and defeating obstacles and we take each challenge on with vigor.

Fulfillment: As each platform capability is completed and added to MAGE we will send out notifications to each backer so that they can logon and start building their application.

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For what you are describing, writing in node first will not yield any significant benefit. Dealing with REST APIs is a pretty big ball of cross-browser hurt.
The algorithm parts can probably be written on the server side if you separate them cleanly, for instance by writing a separate class or function library that knows nothing about the DOM.