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The inspiration

During Hack for Europe 2012, held in Leuven, Belgium, we met a lot of very smart people who really inspired us; we decided to tackle the problem of how to make the Europeana API work with mobile platforms- a huge task! We focused on creating an intuitive discovery experience that brought new meaning to historical content by creating new associations whilst also working on an interactive design that was super fast at processing some 26 million linked open data items in the API. Our approach was to link the Europeana API and the Wiki DB (Wiki disambiguation) in such a way that it pre-filtered results based on relevancy and also made it personal by displaying six degrees of separation between people and objects; we didn't get much sleep! However as we explored the possibilities, we became more and more excited and thought - hey we have something here- this is a real discovery experience! As we developed the functionalities and designed the user experience we hit upon a compelling way to display cultural content in a very fast, interactive and intuitive way that encouraged exploration and social curation on mobile devices, which was our goal in the first place. In the end- the Wiki DB integration and six degrees of separation was fun and interesting but very costly on many levels so we shelved it for use sometime in the future but the experience at Leuven was awesome and it lead to the creation of what we called the “personal mobile museum”- In the end this is what we focused on and our journey to Muse Open Source began!

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