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Mobile Technologies Landing PageMobile Technologies have advanced in multitudinous directions in the last decade. Whatever you are holding in your hands right now, a device powered by iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, Windows Phone, Blackberry, or Cross Platform – HTML5 or PhoneGap Apps; we discover their powers to yield benefits to your enterprise in diverse domains and applications like Sales & Distribution, Integration to SMS / email / Paypal Payment, Restaurant Management, Healthcare, Education, Surveys & Promotion, Media & Entertainment, Insurance & Telecom.

Truly, mobile technologies have turned around the quality of our lives.

SPEC INDIA exploits the potential of your sophisticated devices, the Smartphones, iPhones, tablets, iPads, Beacons, PDAs and handhelds increasing efficiency and pace, rendering the correct strengths to your enterprise.

The journey through the evolution of mobile technologies has been very exciting for us in the last decade, inspiring us to harness the technologies at each new milestone in this never ending passage. With an amalgamation of technologies; iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, Windows Phone, Blackberry, or Cross Platform HTML5, CSS3 & PhoneGap and concepts like Location Based Services or Augmented Reality we are geared up since the last 10 years to deliver revolutionary Enterprise Mobility Solutions and Mobile Applications.

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In mobile development, what is a "native app" mean?

A native app contains machine code that can be executed directly by the processor in your device. In contrast to that there are also apps that consist of other kinds of code that can only be executed indirectly usually by an interpreter or in some cases also a just-in-time-compiler. Non native apps could be written in java, flash, javascript, etc. Native apps are often written in C++ except on Apple devices, there they use objective-c. Native apps run faster then non-native apps.