Mobile application development of Android

For those people that call the Emerald City home – a city where flannel can be formal wear and nobody really uses an umbrella – it is a well-accepted fact that the word quirky rules. So Seattleites are ready to embrace off-the-wall, astonishing, slightly weird (in a good way) Smartphone Android and iPhone mobile apps.

After all, if you’re doing business in dewy Seattle, you’re doing business in the city of innovative technology giants. The expectations are high and so are the demands for fresh mobile apps that offer functionality that’s not all wet.

By investing in a mobile app, your business can discover new (or rediscover existing) Seattle customers and engage with them in a totally new-fangled, interactive way. After all, this city loves to buy local and once you’re in, you become part of the adopted culture, referred to with pride. And besides if you don’t have a mobile presence, your opposition will.

Let the Barefoot Solutions development team help you harness Android, iPhone and iPad devices for consumer marketing, relationship building, and mobile services using your brainchild. It’s profitable, it’s expected in Seattle and it helps you become part of the conversation in a city that loves to talk technology.

  • We make native apps for iPhone and iPad. We use the strength of the platform to develop apps that jump, spark, sizzle – and work.
  • We can do the whole kit and caboodle, including utility apps and games. With our built-to-suit, feature rich functionality your idea leaps to life. The teams working on your app have vast experience in programming and design. They live, breathe and dream iOS every day.
  • We communicate with our clients every step of the way too – clearly and concisely. No cricket’s chirping, no missed deadlines.
  • We make awesome native apps for Android too. As Android is now the world’s most widely used platform, the possibilities are endless.
  • Custom built functionality is not only our specialty, it’s our passion. It’s where we shine – and our apps prove it. Like other Android developers, creating utility apps and games are all in a day’s work. But our utility apps and games are more intuitive and just more exciting.
  • The team that develops your app will know Android inside and out. They will have many, many hours (eons really) of Android programming under their belts. And the design team will blow you away.

Our creative team is one of the best in the country. Their results show that they love what they do. You’ll love what they do too.
Their native curiosity about all things mobile means they never stop learning, inventing and morphing, always keeping the user top of mind – and you reap the benefits of their obsession.

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Which is the good database for developing complex mobile applications in android? - Quora

SQLite is the only database offered natively in Android, meaning that if you want to store data in a database format locally on the phone, you do not have another option.
However, if you are open to storing data on a server and connect to it via a network connection, you are free to do so and can use any DB you want by creating a web service to interface between the client application on the device to your server.