Mobile application development degree

Eric Weiss - Program Chair

Eric has more than 22 years of experience in all aspects of computer animation, visual effects and video game production, with expertise in creative development, artist supervision, production management and business development. His professional experience includes work as an artist, supervisor and manager at many firms around the world including Electronic Arts, Sony Imageworks, Square USA and Human Head Studios. Eric is also very active in developing content for interactive media including Internet, social media, mobile devices and emerging technologies including virtual and augmented reality, motion tracking and mobile applications. Eric has founded and manages several independent business including, Calypso Animation Studios, Calypso Entertainment, 0Cog, and Right on Target Media.
Eric's film and game production and management experience, including overseas animation studios, credits include: The Academy Award Nominated Superman Returns, NASA space missions, Back at the Barnyard for Nickelodeon, Godzilla for Tri Star Pictures, Polar Express, Superman Returns for Warner Brothers, Final Fantasy the Spirits Within for Columbia Pictures, The Lord of the Rings, the Third Age, James Bond from Russia with Love, Prey, UFC Trainer, Rising Storm.

Kristie Korte

Kristie has over 15 years of experience in the computer industry performing a wide range of responsibilities, such as iOS and Android Mobile Application Development, C language software development, testing and QA. She has a BA in Computer Science from San Diego State University and holds a wide range of IT certifications including Novell Certified Linux Administration, UCSD Heath Information Technology, CompTIA Security+, Network+, A+, and Certified Wireless Network Administrator. Kristie currently works for Servin Corporation which provides software training, development and consulting.

Josh M. Lenius

Josh has been a freelance graphic designer and owner of WhiteRabbit Design since 1994, creating print and digital media for a wide range of local businesses, including High Noon Saloon, MC Audio, Inferno Nightclub, and Madison Media Institute. He also designs all manner of media for regional events, musicians, and DJs, including posters, T-shirts, logos, CDs, stickers, and more. Josh has also lived and taught in Japan for two years, speaks conversational Japanese, and is an active nightclub DJ and avid tabletop and video gamer.

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