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Cross-platform services

A review and comparison of the top tools for true cross platform app development

If you are involved with mobile apps, you will know there is a constant debate between app developers, building “native” apps, and mobile web developers, championing “web apps”. The native app developers get better performance and integration, while the web app developers get broader reach and better standardisation

In the middle of this debate are a growing team of developers championing a hybrid of these two positions. Developing code once (like “native”) but deploying across Apple / Android / Blackberry (like “web apps”). This is a rapidly emerging area, with a flurry of very exciting toolkits available. To keep you up to date, we are very happy to share our recent report:

A review of the top cross platform mobile app development frameworks, libraries and platforms.

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[PDF 238kb]

In it we look at these 22 solutions, drilling down into more detail with Rhodes, Appcelerator Titanium, and Phonegap.

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  • Some of topics Covered in this application are:
  • 1. Introduction to RADAR
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Wireless (SKM Industries, Inc)
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