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Minneapolis Ecommerce & Responsive Website DevelopmentThe business environment in the City of Lakes is diverse and relevant, forming the second largest economic center in the Midwest behind Chicago with St. Paul. With this importance, growth and a fast-paced climate, companies from the regional level all the way to international need to take every effort to stay ahead. One major component for staying ahead is a visible, engaging and optimized online presence. Devbridge Group can provide the expertise required to achieve this presence for companies in Minneapolis.

Devbridge is an award-winning, international web and software development company. We specialize in ecommerce and corporate websites for mid-market and Fortune companies, but our services go far beyond simply building solutions for you. Our UX engineers, developers and designers work with you every step of the way, from research and discovery to delivery and support, creating a customized website that meets your needs.

Let Us Help You Design and Build an Effective Company Website

We are the tech experts, and as such, we will design and build an engaging, effective and responsive website that integrates the latest technology. Our research and discovery process includes discovery workshops, where our Product Owner works with your stakeholders and sample customers to develop user personas, identify business needs and ultimately create a website that engages, captures and converts.

Benefit from Mobile Web and Application Services with Responsive Design

Benefit from Mobile Web and Application Services with Responsive DesignSince our focus is on both aesthetics and user experience, we create websites that represent your brand in the cleanest, most professional and most consistent way possible. We hand-craft our solutions from scratch so your custom solution meets your exact requirements. Furthermore, we utilize responsive design, so your website caters to all devices, from PCs to tablet computers and smartphones.

Improve Your Online Sales with Ecommerce Development

We implement a variety of site tests that improve the performance of your ecommerce site, help you increase sales and meet your goals. From A/B testing to stress testing, we are able to collect feedback and implement improvements along the way.

  • Franchising Industry: Designed and developed a user-friendly and responsive website for Cartridge World
  • VC-backed Startups: Designed a website and integrated software solution for Service Bridge
  • Software Industry: Designed and developed a corporate site and ecommerce site for Monotype
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