Mobile app development Ireland

Android Development Ireland

Android Development Ireland

Until very recently, Android was behind the major players of the smartphone world in terms of shipments. It now has become the world most popular mobile operating system. Running on more than 1 billion devices globally, Android has become the benchmark for mobile operating systems. Visual Design offers businesses it’s Android development expertise through interactive designs, vast mobile development experience of applications, mobile system services and innovative solutions. Therefore you might be interested in getting an application developed for Android for your own customers? (view the Android Development portfolio here.) Android Development Ireland is here to help.

Android Development IrelandAndroid Development Ireland offers professional Android Development services in Ireland, Northern Ireland and the UK. All applications developed by Visual Design meet high standards of all technologies applied during the development process. Android application development is quickly becoming the latest trend to hit mobile industry in Ireland. The Android Google Play market is growing at three times the rate of Apple’s App Store, according to the latest reports.

Android Market Share

The number of Android phones sold each day is greater than any other mobile OS. Also the number of Android phones sold in these regions is growing. Android is on course to be the platform with the most users base worldwide. These are the current Smartphone operating systems by market share.

It’s Open

Another great advantage of Android, compared to similar platforms is the fact that Android is open source. This means that none of industry operators can limit it’s development.

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