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Richard Penshorn Demo Day

This is the first blog post in a series documenting two interns’ journey as they explore secure mobile app development and the OWASP Mobile Top 10.

In today’s mobile world, demand for high-quality, feature-rich applications is increasing, while mobile app development cycles are becoming shorter. With time-to-market pressures greater than ever, security vulnerabilities are manifesting themselves in every stage of the mobile app development life cycle.


We decided to do this by building a set of insecure mobile apps (Android, iOS, and Mobile Web) and backend server whose collective vulnerabilities will cover all of the OWASP Mobile Top 10 risks. When we release our apps to the public, they will be accompanied by a rich set of documentation which will include code examples detailing each vulnerability. The documentation will also cover security-focused development approaches that will help educate and empower mobile developers to write more secure code.

Tom Mullaney Demo DayWe will also provide an Amazon EC2 image and Open Virtualization Archive (OVA) for quick setup and deployment. If this interests you, please sign up to be instantly notified when we release future blog posts on this subject (see form in the upper-right corner of your screen).


Being interns at Praetorian has been a unique experience. Throughout our internship, we have been exposed to every department within the company. We learned specifics about various business processes, security testing methodologies development cycles, and even how the sales and marketing teams operate. Praetorian’s start-up culture and transparency have offered us more hands-on opportunities for learning compared to internships that we have had at larger corporations in the past. There are five of us from the University of Texas who were invited to intern with the Praetorian team this summer. During the first week, we all came up with several summer project ideas and broke into groups based on the projects we selected to take on.

This blog post and our group’s summer project are a collaborative effort between Richard Penshorn and Tom Mullaney. We are both studying electrical engineering at The University of Texas at Austin with a focus in computer architecture and software engineering. We are very active with the IEEE Communications Society Student Chapter and have held leadership positions within the organization.

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