Mobile app development for small business

small business app developmentApp development is big business. That doesn’t mean that it is only meant for big businesses. It’s easy to see how a small business owner would get daunted because of unfamiliar terms and the seemingly foreign concept of how to make an app. Here’s one finding from Latitude that business owners of all sizes will find interesting:

“Somewhat unexpectedly, 77% of smartphone-only owners confess to shopping regularly from these devices at home, forgoing the larger screen and other niceties of a desktop or laptop computer. And, while dual owners prefer tablets at home, they’re smartphone power-shoppers pretty much everywhere else. Sixty-five percent of dual owners have used a smartphone to shop while in a store, suggesting opportunities to better synthesize digital and physical retail experiences.”

small business app development costTo think, those findings came out in 2012 and those numbers have possibly gotten larger.

Does your business need a mobile presence?

Suffice to say, businesses not only need a mobile presence, but that presence must be founded on accessibility and usability. What small businesses first need to know is if the app will pay off and if the resources spent on making it will be justified. One way to know if a business has a thriving online following is to take a look at its social networks.outsourcing app development If customers are active on that company’s Facebook page or frequently interact with the business on Twitter, it is safe to say that they have a place in the mobile market. However, if a small business is only in it for the sake of getting the word out and making their brand known, an app will be unnecessary since there are other, more cost effective means of getting exposure. If a small business can see a concrete benefit from having its own mobile app, now is the best time to start working on it.

Common mistakes small businesses make

One mistake that some small business owners make when it comes to app development is paying a lot for an app made by professionals that has more features than it needs. It would be best to take it slow and start small, testing the waters before committing to anything more. A business will need to see how their customers take to the app and depending on their reaction, they can move forward or backwards.

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