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Mobile application development for android and iphoneThere are a lot of companies that can develop an application for you; what differentiates them is their ability to deliver a cost effective solution that has personality. Fruition’s Denver based app development team understands what it takes to make an app that people use over and over again.

The revenue increases for the apps that we have launched are impressive. The mobile user feedback even more impressive. Get started with your app by filling out our app quote request form.

Fruition’s app development team can take your idea and build the app around your business, or as is the case with many apps now, build a business around your app!
We Develop:
Fruition’s Denver based iphone and android developers offer the highest quality app development with streamlined Agile processes. Our experienced team will make a comprehensive analysis of your business and design the application that will effectively solve your business unit’s requirements.

App Market Place Growth

If you’re trying to decide where to but your development budget, now is the time to invest in an application for your existing or new business that is based on an app. The chart below shows the expected growth in application marketplace revenue in the next few years. The app marketplace growth shows that a whole new channel is available for your business to grow into. Capitalize your app development expenses now and create a lasting revenue stream through the app stores!

iPhone and Android App Development Processes

Fruition prides itself on our processes. We’ve been building interactive solutions for a decade. This experience has taught us how to get things done right the first time. Here’s how our process works:

1. You Have an Idea for an App – if you’re reading this you have an idea that is probably keeping you up at night. Maybe it is a way to differentiate your business from your competitors, maybe it’s a novel game, maybe it’s something that no one has done yet. Taking your idea into the second stage or our app development process is where the feasibility of the app works itself out.

2. App Strategy – This is where a traditional business plan meets mobile development. How are you going to make money? Is this a paid app? Is the app going to leverage an existing service or product? These are questions that are often not easy to answer but are critical to fully work through.

3. App Architecture – This is where traditional white boarding comes in. Think wireframe or storyboards. We walk through the app on paper to make sure everyone “gets it” before the serious development gets underway.

4. App Personality / Design / Illustration – Are you designing a kids game app, an app targeted at investors, at collectors, at teachers, who’s the target audience. The questions that are answered in step 2 the business planning stage start to get a look and feel. Fruition’s app designers and illustrators work out the look which is translated into the images for the iphone and droid devices. The resolution on iPhones and Android devices is significantly different thus we ensure that the apps do not look like they were designed for the wrong platform. This is critical for the users first impression of an app!

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