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iPhone AppsHow Copper Mobile develops your iPhone apps?

The unique proprietary development process of Copper Mobile enables us to comprehensively develop and deploy everything from small apps to games for Apple iPhone.

The features iPhone comes with make it one of the most desired gadgets amongst tech savvy people. The number of iPhone users is increasing and so is the demand of iPhone application development. Enterprises are looking for an iPhone app developer to offer solutions for external and internal communication.

Copper Mobile has been developing quality iPhone apps since Apple first launched the iPhone Developer SDK and App Store. A leading name amongst mobile app development companies, Copper Mobile has a unique proprietary iPhone application development process, which enables us to stand a step above the competition, we are able to comprehensively develop and deploy a wide range of cost effective projects, creating everything from small apps and games to large, enterprise level deployments.

Custom Design Process

iPhone design processWith offices in Dallas and Noida (India), Copper Mobile aims at delivering the best mobile application solutions to enterprises. We have designed a customized process that enables faster development and deployment of your mobile app.

  • Process Flow - Creating an initial sketch and definitions of functionality.
  • Wire Frame - Creation of a computer-generated model exhibiting the iPhone app concept design.
  • UI Design - Creation of a full-color user interface for the iPhone app.
  • Storyboard - Creation of a simulation of the iPhone app with a full-color UI.

iPhone App Development Process – How We Go About It

Copper Mobile is a reliable mobility consulting company that believes in providing out-of-the-box app development solutions to clients. Here’s our take on your project:

  • Initial Development - Creation of the back-end functionality including database design, social integrations, and architecture by the iPhone developer.
  • Alpha Build - Development of an iPhone app prototype, which is fully functional in our simulator.
  • Beta Build - The iPhone developers create a fully functional app that is delivered to real mobile devices for further testing and optimization.
  • Final Build - Completed and polished app is delivered to you and to appropriate app stores.

Copper Mobile offers mobility solutions to meet the internal and external communication requirements of your company. We have development centers in 2 locations: Dallas and Noida (India), which help us in efficiently catering to the specific requirements of our clients. Copper Mobile aims at delivering the most cost effective and successful iPhone application development to enterprises. To request a quote, click here

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