Mobile app development Basics

This tutorial presents the basic features, concepts, and techniques for getting started in the development of mobile applications using MyEclipse Mobile Tools. The lessons include:

  • Creating a MyEclipse HTML5 Mobile project
  • Adding an app to an existing mobile project
  • Testing an app on a mobile web simulator

Some of the MyEclipse Mobile Tools features introduced in this document include:

  • Mobile App Project wizard
  • Mobile Web Simulator

This section demonstrates the process for creating a mobile application project named mobileProject that is structured for building both iOS and Android platform apps.

  1. Select File>New>Project from the menu, expand MyEclipse>Mobile Tools, and select HTML5 Mobile App Project. Click Next.

    Creating a new Mobile App project

  2. Type mobileProject into the Project Name field, and click Next.

    Naming the project

Field Description

Project name

The project's name. Must be a valid Eclipse project name.

Project Location

Enable checkbox to use the default file-system location for the new project and its resources. The default location is in the workspace directory for which MyEclipse was started.

Location Directory

If the Use Default Location checkbox is deselected, you can choose an alternative file location outside of the workspace directory.

Note: You cannot choose an alternate directory within the workspace directory, as this is not allowed by Eclipse.

Target Runtime

A runtime must be selected for building applications from your project.

  1. Select the JQuery Mobile templates, select the Multi-Page Application template, and click Next.

    Template selection

  2. Click the Theme tab, and select the Black template from the theme drop-down list. Click Finish.

    Selecting a color theme

  3. Check both the iOS and Android platform checkboxes, and click Finish.

    Selecting target platforms

Application Configuration

Select the device platforms that are the target of this project.

Application Name Defaults to the name of your project. You can change the name of the app. The app is a part of your mobile app project. You can have multiple apps within a project.

Completing the wizard creates and configures the project for building both iOS and Android apps. The image below shows the structure of the new project.

Project structure

A Mobile App project can include multiple apps. For example, one project can include apps for both Android and iOS platforms. Or, you might include apps for specific devices within the same project. The following steps describe adding an app to an existing Mobile App project.

  1. Right-click the project, and select New>Other from the menu.
  2. Expand MyEclipse>Mobile Tools, select HTML5 Mobile App, and click Next.

    Adding a new app to a project

  3. Type, iPadApp in the App Name field, select the iOS platform, and click Finish. The new app is added to the apps folder.

    Naming the app and selecting the platform

New app in the project structure

As you develop your mobile application, you can test the app in the Mobile Web Simulator. The simulator allows you to test the functions of your app and view on different devices.

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