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Have a cutting edge App idea but don’t know where to begin?

DogTown Media provides complete turn key solutions to those looking to turn their iPhone app dreams into reality. Our team of hardened tech veterans can guide you through the twists and turns of app development, simplifying an often convoluted and complex process.

User Experience & Interface Design

The New York City iPhone app developers at our company can assist you in every phase of the mobile app development process. From fleshing out an idea to submitting a finalized app into the iTunes app store, we have the experience and wherewithal to make your big dreams come to fruition at a price you can afford.

app developmentWe can develop a customized iPhone app solution to meet your specifications and scale accordingly to satisfy user demands.

Mobile User Interface and Experience Design

We analyze and design every aspect of an app to ensure that its engaging, stylish, and easy to use. Every detail of an App is clearly defined before any work begins and delivered to spec. From the intricate designs of the icon set to the layout of the user interface, our goal is to always enrich the experience of the end user.

iOS App Development NYC

Coding an App can often be the most tedious and lengthy part of the App development process. Programming requires a high skill level and finesse to ensure that an App functions seamlessly while minimizing the chance of a crash occurring. Whether you have an App in its final stages of development that requires testing or are just getting started, we can provide the cost effective programming assistance you need.

Development and Distribution Consulting

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myLife Brand Products myLife Beige White + Colorful Owls {Modern Design} Two Piece Neo Hybrid (Shockproof Kickstand) Case for the All-New HTC One M8 Android Smartphone - AKA, 2nd Gen HTC One (External Hard Fit Armor With Built in Kick Stand + Internal Soft Silicone Rubberized Flex Gel Full Body Bumper Guard)
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  • IMPORTANT FEATURES AND DESIGN: This case comes with a built in kickstand that is perfect for keeping your HTC One M8 cell phone in a horizontal or vertical upright...
  • COLOR: This case comes in a deep high quality color that will last the life of your HTC One M8 because the color is fused with the silicone and rubberized material...
  • MATERIALS AND DESIGN: The case has a soft gell inner layer with a hard rubber exterior layer for double the protection. This case protects the HTC One M8 Smartphone...
  • WARRANTY AND PACKAGING: All myLife (TM) are sold exclusively by myLife Brand Products. Any products being offered by other vendors are fake and not authentic myLife...
  • COMPATIBILITY: It is important to note that the HTC One M8 smartphone is for sale from the following carriers; T-Mobile US, AT&T Mobility, and other GSM carriers...
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  • - Find nearby stops
  • - Show buses arrival time based on bus stop id
  • - Find stops
  • - Save your favorite bus stops
  • - Show bus routes
  • - Set alias for your favorite bus stop


What classes/languages would be recommended for someone looking to learn mobile app development?

If I'm not mistaken, Apple uses Objective-C. Android and Blackberry use Java, but they have they own separate APIs.
You can find lots of books online for any of these topics, classes would probably depend on what schools are around you but I would start off with the books and doing the activities there first.