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Build and Publish Mobile Apple iOS, Google Android and Windows Mobile applications. Our team of mobile developers is also familiar with web languages ­ JQuery, HTML5 and CSS3. We will work through your ideas, produce wireframes and ensure that final product delights its users and is fun, engaging and easy to use.

Our Developers provides clients with a wide range of premium quality services in Mobile application development with expertise in integration of web services, databases, APIs and optimization.

iOS and Android simplifies mobile app development for Apple iOS and Google Android by combining HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript with the cloud, enabling you to build hybrid applications without being tied down by platform dependencies.

Mobile App DevelopmentApple is still streets ahead of all rivals in such vital stats as apps (700, 000+) available on the market and total downloads (40, 000, 000, 000). iPad and iPhone Developers at Keyideas can help you with whatever app you want.

Android is continuously getting better and slicker. There´s a stranger sense of entitlement amongst Android users. No doubt about it. If you want big reach, you can no longer avoid Android OS. Our Android Developers can also port existing iOS apps to Android platform.

The Windows Phone Marketplace, formed after the partnership between Microsoft and Nokia, is the newest addition to the mobile app market. There are 40, 000+ apps currently but this is expected to increase exponentially. It is definitely a platform you cannot ignore in coming years.

Our team of mobile app developers is always involved and easy to work with; working with client to get the best end-result possible and of course, deliver the goods. Our mobile developers are always excited to work on challenging projects.

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What classes/languages would be recommended for someone looking to learn mobile app development?

If I'm not mistaken, Apple uses Objective-C. Android and Blackberry use Java, but they have they own separate APIs.
You can find lots of books online for any of these topics, classes would probably depend on what schools are around you but I would start off with the books and doing the activities there first.