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mobile-services-for-web-api-devs-0Update: The Mobile Services ASP.NET Web API support is now in general availability. Read the announcement on Scott Guthrie’s blog.

Azure Mobile Services provides a turnkey way for mobile developers to add a cloud-hosted backend to their app. The service now has full support for writing your backend logic using ASP.NET Web API. Mobile Services presents an attractive choice for developers building mobile facing APIs with ASP.NET:

  • With Mobile Services you can quickly add a fully featured backend to your iOS, Android, Windows, Windows Phone, or HTML app, as well as use cross-platform frameworks such as Xamarin, Sencha, and We provide client SDKs for each of these platforms making it easy to connect your applications to your cloud-hosted backend.
  • Mobile services are built using Web API and you can publish any Web API controller to the service. What differentiates Mobile Services from other compute environments is that we monitor and manage your Web API controllers for you. If there is a problem with Web API runtime or extensions, we patch it without you ever worrying about If we think the problem is with your controller code, we will reach out to you.
  • You will find many capabilities included in Mobile Services and readily available for your Web API. Mobile push notifications, real-time notifications with SignalR (auto-scaled out), social auth for your consumer apps, offline data sync for occasionally connected scenarios, to name a few.
  • If you’re an enterprise developer, you will appreciate the ability for your app’s customers to log in via Active Directory and access enterprise assets such as SharePoint and Office In addition, we’ve enabled seamless connectivity to on-premises assets, so you can reach databases and web services that are not exposed to the Internet.
  • Your favorite IDE now contains a dedicated project template and scaffolders for Mobile Services, and has first-class support for publishing and remote debugging baked in.

Turnkey backend with client SDKs for all mobile platforms

It’s easy to get started with the Mobile Services support in your favorite environment. As always go to Windows Azure Management Portal and create a new Mobile Service. On the first screen of the wizard choose “.NET” as your backend. Once the service is created, head over to the Quickstart tab and download the starter project for the client platform you wish to target.

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