Introduction to Salesforce1 mobile app development

Step 5: Accessing the app

The next step is to navigate to the Visualforce page you just created on your mobile device. Once on the page, click on the share button and select ‘add to home screen’. You should now have your nicely branded button on the home screen. Click the button to see your brilliant orange app open full screen.

Step 6: Modifying the login screen

So you might have noticed that when you open the app you are greeted by a Salesforce login screen. Unfortunately, due to the nature of web apps, this will happen every time you open it. As of the latest Salesforce release, you are now able to save your username and password in the login form, which means that you just need to click login once the app is open. The login screen can also be branded using the ‘My Domain’ functionality in Salesforce.

So there you have it. A fully branded Salesforce experience on your mobile device. There are a few limitations though. Since we are using a web app we don’t get push notifications or the useful ‘today’ app that merges your device calendar with your Salesforce calendar. These are only available on the hybrid application you download from the app store. A complete breakdown of the pros and cons are listed below.


  • Custom colour
  • Custom icon
  • Custom splash screen
  • Custom publisher button
  • Works on most mobile browsers


  • Have to login every time
  • No push notifications
  • No ‘today’ app

Hopefully Salesforce will expand on the branding functionality in the future, allowing us to brand the native application. In the mean time, you’ll have to decide between the additional functionality and having an application that is inline with your company’s brand.

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