History and development of mobile phones

This enhancement also saved space and marked the introduction of internal antennas in the mobile phones. The above image shows a typical cell phone of 1997 from telco AT&T.


Though antennas were removed from most of the mobile phones, there are still some of them who retained antennas and changed the typical colour of black to vibrant coloured cases instead. The above image shows Nokia 5110 which was launched in 1998 and was available in a variety of colours to choose from.


In 1999, mobile phones were given a more compact look. The above image shows a Nokia 3210, features cool colours, internal antenna and better graphics in a much smaller package than previous phones.


In 2000, the world’s first touchscreen phone came out. Although it didn’t have advanced touchscreen technology like those available today, but at that time it was a huge craze and the introduction of a promising technology. The image shows a Motorola phone which has a simple black and white touchscreen, allowing easier access to various features than before.

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What is the approach for mobile web development for feature phones? - Quora

The definition of "feature phone" varies.
A common definition is that apps are either not available, or are sandboxed environments like J2ME.
If apps are not available, then you have no choice but to stick to th capabilities of WAP.
But if you have a good enough J2ME runtime, you can use Opera Mini which will allow richer content and will reformat "desktop