Google mobile app development

Discover new and relevant users

The best way to grow your mobile base is to know who uses your apps now, on what devices, and where they come from. Mobile App Analytics makes it all clear, with features like Traffic Sources reports and Google Play integration that show you what brought users to your app. You'll see where to put your resources to attract more of the users you want most.

Get engaged

One-and-done users won't keep your great app thriving. Mobile App Analytics uses real-time reporting to show you who’s using your app, as they use it. Behavioral features like Event Tracking and Flow Visualization show you the exact screens where users take action, pause... or disappear. Check loyalty and visit frequency, then dig into app crashes to troubleshoot trends and exceptions. It's everything you need to turn one-and-done into stay-and-play.

Measure impact

Goals rule in mobile apps. Mobile App Analytics help you set and track the goal conversions you want most: purchases, clicks, or simply time spent on your app. Our ecommerce tools track real or virtual goods sold, so you can see not just what's selling day by day, but the lifetime value of your users.

Analyze in AdMob

Google Analytics is now fully available in AdMob, so app developers can monetize, promote and analyze in one place. The new AdMob home tab shows monetization, promotion and in-app usage metrics, while the Analyze tab is where you’ll find all of your Analytics reports for each of your apps along with a cross-app view to measure the performance of your business overall. You’ll find the same Analytics data regardless if you sign into Google Analytics or AdMob and you can switch between the two at anytime.

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