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Kibun Snaps on the iPhoneThis is a guest post from Worry Free Labs, a mobile UX design and software development company headquartered in New York.

Kibun Snaps is a recently released iPhone app developed by Worry Free Labs that leverages Parse on the backend.

Our client, Raw Emotion, Inc., wanted to find a fun and social way through a mobile app to market and generate exposure for its small, ghostly storybook character, Kibun. Raw Emotion has design experience, so Worry Free Labs’ role was to execute the iOS development. We created a photo- and sticker-sharing app for the iPhone that lets users add Kibun to their photos with frames and stickers.

Having worked with Parse for more than a year, Worry Free Labs developers find it to be a great backend platform for app building. In the case of the Kibun Snaps app, we used Parse for storing images, friend connections, and user profiles. Parse Data is practical for storing the app data in the cloud, and Parse Social lets Kibun Snaps users link to their Facebook and Twitter accounts. Parse is the ideal solution if you need a backend for your mobile apps but don’t want to deal with the headache of setting up servers or developing an API.

Kibun Snaps on the iPhoneThe main benefits of using Parse for this mobile UX design and development project?

  • It’s easy to use, quick to set up, and is scalable.
  • It saved us on development time as well as costs.
  • The Parse system is a super-convenient and easy way to fuel our mobile apps and avoid data and social networks management hassles.
  • Best of all, relying on Parse’s backend services lets us focus on our core competencies: Creating great user experience design and remarkable mobile experiences.

Worry Free Labs is a mobile UX design and software development company headquartered in New York. On the app side, we provide mobile app design and development and specialize on the iOS and Android platforms. We have extensive iOS and Android engineering experience, having launched over 100 mobile products and predominantly build apps for these native platforms. We also build custom backend systems for web applications and mobile using Ruby on Rails and PHP. We are highly focused on creating mobile apps for both startups and established enterprises that are innovative, have great user experiences, and add lasting value to users. Our clients range from Fortune 500 companies such as Disney to disruptive startups like KeyMe. We strive to be a trusted partner with our clients in creating compelling products and technologies.

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