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Alex Jonsson VP Community EvothingsHave you ever had an idea of making an application for a connected device? For example, something like being able to start to heat up the living room in your apartment when you’re on your way home? Or a sudden urge to monitor a continuous data stream with the humidity and temperature from your attic and basement, with alerts? What about a garage door opener on your phone, that works securely from anywhere in the world?

I’m Alex Jonsson, co-founder of Evothings and entrepreneurial technogeek with over two decades of serious tinkering in mobile technology and digital media, who alongside the Evothings team would like to share our take on how applications and services for the Internet of Things can be developed easier and more efficiently. We hope to inspire, by sharing some of our collected experience in the space, and involvement in everything from serious hobby projects to strategy prototyping efforts for major industry players. If you would like us to cover any subject in particular, please let us know and we’ll be happy to address subjects of interest – anywhere from theory and models, to hands-on code and practical implementations of mobile for connected devices.

Rebels with a cause

We have a big, hairy audacious idea at Evothings; we believe it should be a lot easier for everyone to hook up their mobile phones and tablets to connected devices than it is today. We’re neither convinced that taking everyone back to school on the innards of Objective-C and Android Java always is the answer, even as we love and respect native developers and aim to keep up with all the bespoke developing trends.Connected device Evothings Studio philips hue nest sensor tag arduino shield ble wifi ethernet open source apache cordova node.js What we think the industry needs at this stage, and it’s not more closed silos and custom software connecting a specific hardware device to a single handheld device – we need is rolling out more services in practice, broader experimentation, prototyping together with customers for the creation of new services and simpler testing in real time. More things need also to happen in-house rather than by third party consultants in order for companies to control their destiny and ultimately to understand the needs and wants of the users in this industry, and how to make that happen. We’re need to see a future internet of both people and things in harmony – and we already know that mobile will play a major part of it.

This blog series, is a small contribution of what we think needs to be done to get there. We strive to inspire, taking on big picture strategies, create industry outlook with crude analytics, hands-on tips of the trade, and lots of how-tos for connecting phones with connectable devices. But more important is the tools we craft, the growing set of examples, templates and libraries and APIs to access all the things out there in the Evothings Studio. Being able to access device and low level network features from common, widely-accessible languages like HTML5/JavaScript is another important factor to get to results faster, sometimes actually several, even five times faster with a single code base and without the requirement of platform-specific coding skills. The long-term goal is to open up mobile for IoT to new groups of developers – if you can craft web pages, you sure also can hook up your micro-controller with your mobile device with the skills you already have.

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Who is the best mobile app developer in Boston, MA?

Raizlabs has some great talent. Focused on quality. Particularly good at custom API integration.
Disclaimer: I used to work for them.