Custom mobile app development

Cost of Custom Mobile App DevelopmentWhen you hire a developer, one of the parameters that play a definite role as a deciding factor, is the price of the services. In this article we have tried and discussed parameters that regulate the price of mobile application development.

By Payel Bhattacharjee

This question keeps pooping in the mind of hundreds of entrepreneurs who are in the process of hiring any firm for mobile app development with their idea. This is quite a tricky question to answer as the price always depends on numerous factors, but based on certain hard-facts collected through research and a general industry idea this write-up does try to give a solid idea about what should be the cost like.

What should be your Expenses?

A survey report made by AnyPresence called - “Mobile Readiness Report 2013” sheds quite a deal of light over initial costing that comes with any mobile app development. For doing this survey quite a strong pool of professionals were contacted. The result reveals that 24.3% believes that the cost has to be in-between $100, 000 to $500, 000, whereas 27% believes that it has to be in-between $50, 000 to $100, 000. All these gives a base idea about what can be the initial cost like, but there are many other stages and various reasons based on which the cost is finalized. Elaborate discussion in this regards will clarify more of the doubts.

When someone launches a particular app, they do it with the basic rough version and hence over the time based on various factors such as number of downloads, user feedback, technical issues, additional feature inputting they have to go for updating the app. This happens quite a lot as no one knows the response from the user and even the regular updates in various mobile OS needs the updating for app for keeping it complying with all the changes.

Now, this part requires cautious approach as often it is seen that without research update planning has been proven to be drastic step for many apps loosing great chunk of users and market exposure. Thus, only when someone has seen the app’s verdict and kept it alive in store for quite some time they must consider about update if needed.

According to AnyPresence survey which has been discussed above 80% of the mobile app owners update their app almost twice in a single year and almost a third does this on every month. This points that this is really a serious issue and hence knowing the right cost becomes essential. When someone seeks to go for customization of the app the development company gives a certain cost, one must know based on which factors this costs are calculated.

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