Certificate in mobile Applications development

Applications are small pieces of software that are easily downloaded and perform very specific tasks, like editing cell phone photos or finding a great restaurant in a new town. They range from games like Fruit Ninja to productivity and organization apps that keep you from forgetting your mom's birthday. People depend on mobile apps everyday for their news, weather, communication, entertainment, and a way to get things done at the office without actually having to be there.

Mobile App Development is intuitive, interactive, and increasingly becoming one of the fastest growing areas in software development today. With that momentum comes the need for highly skilled programmers that can develop for every kind of person, on every conceivable kind of device. This online program will show you how. From Angry Birds to Mr. Zipper, if you can imagine doing it on your phone, you can probably make an app for it.

Who is this certificate for?

It's for anyone who likes the programming end of things, and gets a kick out of seeing their products used and enjoyed by millions of people. This program is for those who want to live on the cutting edge of what's new, NOW.

What you will learn

You'll learn software development for desktop computers, iPads, iPhones, and the Facebook & Android platforms. You'll learn about user interface development - no matter how awesome your app is, if the user can't figure it out, they won't use it and their friends won't either. You'll learn about game design. There is, after all, a right way and a wrong way to design anything, including games. You'll learn about and create apps for two of the biggest sellers: organization and productivity. You'll learn the business end of things too, like how to protect your ideas, and how to protect yourself from liabilities. You'll learn the core skills and standards, compliance, and submission that will serve you well through the ever-changing whirlwind of advancing technologies. You'll learn the core skills, standards, compliance, and submission that will serve you well through the ever-changing whirlwind of advancing technologies. You will learn how to program in Java and Objective C, and the development process for Android and iOS devices. You'll learn all about graphics, the Adobe Master suite including Photoshop and Illustrator, and design principles to make your apps look their very best. Then, once you learn how to make that killer app, we'll teach you how to share it with the world.

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