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Top 3 Cross-Platform Tools for Mobile App DevelopmentCross-platform mobile app development is all the rage right now, with more and more operating systems coming into being for different brands of smart phones. Before we get to the best cross-platform development tools, here’s a brief introduction about cross-platform development itself.

Cross-platform development is the technique whereby developers can code a single app that will run simultaneously across multiple mobile operating systems. This method of app development is beneficial to both developers and businessmen as it not only helps drive down the cost of creating apps, but also save time. For more details on how cross-platform development tools like PhoneGap benefits both developers and business owners, read our blog on the subject.

Below are 3 of the most popular cross-platform development tools in the business and their brief descriptions.

1. PhoneGap

PhoneGap is easily the most popular open source cross-platform development tool around. Formerly known as Apache Cordova, this tool allows developers to write out their code in common scripting languages like HTML, JavaScript and CSS. PhoneGap is designed to run in a WebView inside a native container that allows JS to access device APIs. According to a survey conducted by Developer Economics, PhoneGap is the most preferred cross-platform development tool with 34% of developers using it to develop multiple platform applications. PhoneGap currently supports development for Apple iOS, Android, Microsoft Windows Phone, Symbian, Tizen, BlackBerry, Bada, Firefox and Ubuntu Touch operating systems.

2. Adobe Air

Adobe Air is yet another highly popular cross-platform development tool from Adobe Systems that utilizes the powerful dynamics of Adobe Flash, Apache Flex, JavaScript, HTML and XML to create Rich Internet Applications for various mobile operating systems such as Apple iOS, Android, OS X and BlackBerry Phone. According to data from Developer Economics, more than 19% of developers prefer to use Adobe Air for their cross-platform app development needs.

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Who is the best mobile app developer in Boston, MA?

Raizlabs has some great talent. Focused on quality. Particularly good at custom API integration.
Disclaimer: I used to work for them.