AT&T mobile app development

Improve user engagement
and social sharing of your app

Share content with friends and family. News,
audio, video, and images can be sent straight
from your app to the people your users care
about. They can instantly consult friends,
family and colleagues while making decisions
or buying products in your app.

  • Personally Connect Connect with others
    on a personal level

    Send & receive messages from a
    user's mobile number, rather than
    through impersonal app notifications.
    These messages can be sent to any
    U.S. mobile number.

  • Group Messaging Take advantage of
    group messaging

    Send messages to up to 10 recipients at
    once—perfect for coordinating teams on
    the go or for a more personal sharing
    experience. Responses can be received
    directly within your app so the conversation
    can continue right there.

  • Know your users Stay in touch with user activity

    Access your user's AT&T cloud inbox to
    manage their messages and stay current
    on all messaging activity.

  • Improve engagement
    and social sharing
  • Personally connect
  • Group messaging
  • Know your users

AT&T In-App Messaging API Process

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