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Going it alone and building a custom mobile app in-house is expensive, time-consuming, and rife with pitfalls. Have you budgeted for the development costs and ongoing maintenance expenses? Do you have an experienced project manager? Are you prepared for the endless meetings and decisions? What if the end result falls short of expectations?

We can help! Our experienced team will have your mobile jobs app ready within seven days, with minimal time investment, and at an affordable price. Why RXinsider?

  • RXinsider pioneered the standardization of mobile web apps for the continuing education market and jobs market.
  • We have more than 14 years of experience in job board development, ATS development, recruiting, job posting management, recruitment marketing, search engine development, and mobile web app development.
  • We boast an impressive client list spanning Fortune100 companies, universities, and trade associations. Our clients include Target, Walmart, Harvard University, Kroger, CVS/Caremark, Costco, Cleveland Clinic, Brown University, Safeway, and Cardinal Health.

Convenience. Simplicity. Value.

For the job-seeker, it's about convenience. For the employer, it's about simplicity and value. RXinsider's Mobile Jobs App solution offers employers:

  • A dedicated and branded mobile web app compatible with all web-enabled smartphones and tablets.
  • Assessment, consultation, and customization by our experienced staff.
  • Nightly sync with your online job board.
  • Unlimited job postings.
  • A password-protected Mobile App Management Center account for real time app management.

The Perfect Union

Does your company or institution partner with a continuing education provider?
If so, a unique option we offer is the combination of job listings with continuing education activities to increase app relevancy, downloads, and open rates.

Option 1

Mobile Job App with no continuing education component.

Option 2

Mobile Job App with continuing education activities presented in-line with job listings, and managed under a single management account.

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