Windows mobile development certificates

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Why code sign an application?

  • Mobile operators worldwide require applications to be code signed so they can be distributed through their distribution channels.
  • Application code signing is a standard practice on a variety of operating systems, including Windows Mobile, Windows Server and Windows Client.
  • Help avoid user confusion and potentially costly product returns or technical support issues when a user attempts to install or run an application that has not been appropriately signed.
  • Signing helps assure that your application is authentic by associating it with a developer or independent software vendor (ISV) whose identity is confirmed.
  • Code signing also helps improve user trust through a system of checks and balances that enables the certificates for malicious code to be revoked.
  • A warning is presented to users when an application is not signed or when an application has limited rights and attempts to access more protected areas of the operating system. This creates an undesirable user experience and users have the choice to cancel application installation or cancel the application at runtime.

How do you code sign an application?


Security Model

Code signing also controls access to sensitive APIs and registry locations.

Authentication Level Pocket PC or Professional Smartphone or Standard
Privileged-signed Application can use normal and privileged APIs, modify secure registry locations and run pre-boot


Application can use normal and privileged APIs and modify secure registry locations Application can use normal APIs


Mobile Operator policies or the user may prevent the application from installing

Which certificate model do you need?


How much does it cost?

  • The initial cost is US $350, which includes ten signing events. Authenticode signatures for other Windows platforms, such as Windows Client or Windows Server, use a different technology than Windows Mobile code signing and are not recognized as valid normal or privileged mode signatures.
  • A signing event includes signing all of the executables in a single .CAB file.

Privileged Mode Requests

VeriSign or GeoTrust Privileged Mode Requests

  • Developers must complete the Privileged Mode On-Line Request Form, which is available once you have a VeriSign account, and log on to the VeriSign ACS portal. Completion of the On-Line Request Form does not guarantee that a privileged mode code-signing certificate will be granted.

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