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smp cloud.png**** NEWSFLASH: SMP3 was officially launched at SAP TechEd:****

**** NEWSFLASH: pricing for building custom apps on the SMP cloud has been approved - so start building apps using the free trial below *******

I'm very happy to announce that today we released the SAP Mobile Platform on HANA cloud (aka "SMP cloud" aka "Mobile-as-a-Service" aka "MaaS"): The official SAP website is at Mobile Platform in the Cloud | SAP

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Back in June 2012, Stan Stadelman and I in product management brainstormed a “light weight” approach to configuring mobile apps in the cloud. In October 2012, we were invited on stage by Sanjay Poonen at show the mobile platform in the cloud in his keynote (skip to min 44:01 to see the demo - login required) and to portray SAP's "Apple of the Enterprise" overview.png At SAPPHIRE in Madrid, we ran a User Experience lab to optimize the administrator user interface of the new mobile platform in the cloud and finally today on March 28, 2013 we released the mobile platform in the cloud to our customers - getting one step closer to making the mobile vision reality.

The mobile platform in the the cloud makes it simple to create, configure, and distribute mobile applications and to manage them end-to-end without having to install and maintain a platform server on premise. Mobile as a Service hosted in the SAP HANA Cloud (former NetWeaver Cloud aka Neo).

The HTTP REST interfaces for core services exposed by the mobile platform in the cloud are identical to the REST APIs in SAP Mobile Platform on-premise (aka SUP 2.2 and later releases) so apps using the REST API can run on cloud and on-premise deployments. The following graphic provides an overview of the SMP cloud features and benefits:

cloud services.png
  • Simple Administration of mobile apps
  • Usage reporting and app analytics
  • Integration with existing business applications via Secure Cloud Connector to connect securely to on-premise backends
  • Multi-platform support (iOS, Windows 8, Android, BlackBerry)
  • Standards-based protocols (HTTPs, OData)
  • Native or HTML5 applications via Cordova
  • Logging, tracing and error handling
  • Near-zero footprint
  • Security landscape integration (SAP portal, Siteminder, certificates)

Let¹s take a look at some of these items in more detail - starting with the new Admin UI that takes on role of the Sybase Control Center:

cloud admin UI.png usage reporting.png tracing.png smp cloud trial.png

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